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childrem get lettersLetters received from students of Edmonds Community College, WA

You can make a difference! 

Consider one of these projects:

1. The Sweet Dreams Pillowcase Project Drive for Children of Vinh Son Orphanage, Kontum, Vietnam
Cheerful pillowcases and pillows for VSO children,
and the Sisters who care for them.

Dig through Your Stash or Go Shopping--

Donate Fabric for the Children of Vinh Son Orphanage.
If you visit the Vinh Son Orphanage in person or on our Facebook page, you will see the joy a colorful, cheerful pillowcase can bring to a child.  In March we delivered 85 pillowcases and pillows to one orphanage and are committed to providing them to the remaining five orphanages in 2016.
Our goal is to make and deliver 600 pillowcases. 
Pillows are made locally in Kon Tum. 
Your gift of donated fabric will make a difference.
Help us reach our goal and bring smiles to the children
of Vinh Son Orphanage.



For information, contact:                                              
Dorothy Culjat                                                              

girl with letter

 2. Letter Writing

Organizing a letter writing project is a fun and easy way to get involved.  The children of VSO love to receive notes and cards from the U.S.  We will deliver them to the children 2 to 3 times a year on special occasions.



treats3. Special “Treats”

Hold events (bake sales, garage sales, walkathons etc…)
to raise money for special treats. 
The children look forward to getting special treats such as cakes,
popcorn, and snacks throughout the year.




4. Pennies Count

Classrooms, schools, or anyone can collect pennies and
spare change for a period of time.  All money will go towards school supplies for the children.



5. Bracelet Making

Bracelet making is a fun activity for kids of any age, and can be a special gift to the children at the orphanage. You can organize this activity and create special bracelets as gifts for the children. 

EdCC braclet makingchildren getting bracelets







5. Create Your Own Project

Be creative and design your own project to help the children.  The sky is the limit!



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